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Julie Farris and Billy Milliken of Jonesport Realty stand next lobster traps at the Jonesport Marina, a working waterfront in Down East Maine.

At Jonesport Realty, we focus our attention on real estate in the greater Jonesport and Beals area of the Down East coast. By doing so, we stay current with new real estate listings as they come on the market and see new opportunities as they arise. Knowing the region as we do, we are able to offer property seekers a more comprehensive and immediate service than can be obtained by out-of-area real estate companies.

Whether you're a first-time home buyer with a modest budget, or an experienced investor seeking an exclusive coastal Maine property, Jonesport Realty will assist you with professionalism and responsive communication.

Before you begin working with a real estate licensee it is important for you to understand that Maine Law provides for different levels of brokerage services to buyers and sellers. While Jonesport Realty provides brokerage services to both buyers and sellers, the agency’s policy is to represent sellers only. As a buyer you will be served as customer.
As a customer you can expect a licensee to provide the following services:
*To disclose all material defects pertaining to the physical condition of the real estate that are known by the licensee;
*To treat both the buyer and seller honestly and not knowingly give false information;
*To account for all money and property received from or on behalf of the buyer or seller; and
*To comply with all state and federal laws related to real estate brokerage activity.

Property Search Assistance

We are happy to provide you with personalized property search assistance. We also have access to the Down East Multiple Listing Service, a central source for listings from various real estate offices in the region. If you have a specific type of property in mind, just let us know either by creating a Jonesport Realty account, or by contacting us directly.
REMEMBER: Unless you enter into a written agreement for agency representation, you are a customer---not a client.

Loan Qualification Assistance

Jonesport Realty can provide you with a list of financial institutions and personnel that are qualified to assist you in the any loan process necessary for the purchase of a property.

Visit our resources page for area bank contact information.

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